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Newfold Digital is a leading internet company with over 3 million customers all over the world. With a financial revenue of 800M the full portfolio of brands including Network Solutions and help clients to service their online presence needs. Operating in four continents and since 1997 Newfold has been the third company in market share in the industry and the ideal partner for businesses wanting to connect with more customers in the online universe.


Thanks to our streamlined financial and operational structure Value IT manage to provide world class development services to one of the most critical business lines: hosting.


We ensure top level service lowering Newfold's operational costs below any other location where this company operates including Argentina and India.


Our knowledge of Newfold reality presents an optimal opportunity to expand the brand of services that Value IT provide in the countries that we operate.

Higher Ed Partners LatAm (HEP LatAm) works together with prestigious Higher Education institutions to expand access to high-quality undergraduate and graduate programs through the use of the virtual modality.

HEP helps institutions to sustainably increase the number of students enrolled under this modality and consequently, their income.


 Value IT provides world class development services to Higher Ed Partners.

Through our highly-skilled resources, Value IT help HEP deliver the best service to its network of customer partners around the world.


We assist HEP with resources search in different technologies as well as with very specific levels of knowledge, aligning then with the culture of the company.

Factor IT is a company recognized in the region for its comprehensive portfolio of services, with over 250 dedicated employees serving clients across 7 countries and an Innovation Center in India.


Factor IT Consulting practice helps business leaders respond to their customers’ needs by driving digital-first transformation.

Value IT  provides cost-effective talents in timely manner that allows them to engage new projects and services while reducing the hiring process costs.

Founded in 2009, AstroPay is a pioneer in global payment solutions. It is the digital wallet of choice for millions of customers in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the UK with millions of users, hundreds of merchants, more than 200 payment methods available globally, and an extensive offering of consumer-focused financial services.


Value IT has resulted to be AstroPay’s choice to carry on payments for its IT staff in Argentina.


By leveraging our extensive experience in the financial field Value IT managed to become the ideal partner to take care of the entire Administrative process for AstroPay’s off-shore staff in the country reducing costs, expediting the delivery, and maximizing the company’s profit.

Artekium helps transform and evolve businesses with innovative digital solutions turning ideas into prototypes, building MVPs or experimental pilots, promoting and managing cultural organizational change, or bringing a new product to life. The agile teams and proven methodologies, as well as expert knowledge in trending technologies get to superior results.


Artekium has selected Value IT as a business partner in charge of their IT personnel distributed in two major cities of the country.


With our considerable expertise in the financial sector, Value IT has become the perfect collaborator to manage admin processes for Artekium's overseas workforce in the nation, decreasing expenses and hastening delivery.

Operating in four continents

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